Past Lab Photos & Alumni


MAC Lab at the DU Research & Scholarship Showcase, Spring 2019
Cory Vandenberg, Madison Eitniear, Bailey Harris, Kimberly Chiew, Lyneé Herrera, Kevin Summers, Avery Gholston (missing: Alex Boisvert, Natalie Shaffer)


MAC Lab in Zoomland, Winter 2021
Maddie Leake, Kimberly Chiew, Sloan Ferron, Romel Minassie, Lyneé Herrera, Chad Kashiwa, Kyle Thurmann (missing: Naomi Sellers)


Lab Alumni:

Former Undergraduate Students
Alex Boisvert (2018)
Mak Dempsey (2021-2022)
Brynn Dominice (2017)
Madison Eitniear (2017-2019) — Honors Thesis student & Shaklee Trowill Award winner for outstanding DU undergrad psychology thesis, now Behavioral Specialist at Emerge Professionals in Autism, Behavior & Personal Growth
Avery Gholston (2018-2020) — Professional Science Master’s program in Biomedical Sciences, University of Denver
Bailey Harris (2017-2020) — Honors Thesis student & Trowill Award winner for meritorious work in psychology, now PhD student in Cognitive Psychology at UCLA
Chad Kashiwa (2020-2022)
Haley Paez (2019-2020)
Romel Minassie (2020-2022)
Natalie Platt (2019)
Natalie Shaffer (2018-2019)
Addison Thomas (2018-2019)
Cory Vandenberg (2017-2020) — MA in International Security, Korbel School, University of Denver

Former Lab Managers & Postbac Research Assistants
Sloan Ferron (2019-2021) — Clinical Research Coordinator at Philadelphia VA/University of Pennsylvania
Naomi Sellers (2020-2021) — PhD student in Psychology (Language & Cognition) at University of Connecticut
Kevin Summers (2018-2019) — PhD student in Social Psychology at University of Denver